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In times like these when the mass media are losing more and more ground, different strategies are called for. Dialog marketing, for example. Because today direct communication with the customer is more important than ever. Not only for customer acquisition and thus turbo boosting your revenue, but also for customer retention.

To gain new customers, you have to „wow“ the right target group and make a convincing impression. Establish trust for customer retention and offer added value. Only those who consistently tackle both tasks can exploit the opportunities dialog marketing holds.

Our strategic and creative specialists will develop successful, cost-effective solutions for you. Targeted mailings that are highly individualized, for example. Or entire cross-media campaigns and complex customer loyalty programs.

Big companies trust in our experience and special know-how when it comes to getting millions of mailings out to the right recipients every month. Right on time. And all across Europe!

Our Range of Services

  • Cross-media marketing
  • Individualized mailings
  • Mass mailings for generating sales
  • CRM programs
  • International print and fulfillment management
  • Data management
  • Success and cost control
Dialogue marketing for Galaxy NX camera launch
Conception and realization of dialogue measures for various target groups

For the launch of the Samsung Galaxy NX camera Ruschke und Partner realized a dialogue marketing campaign, including direct mail and a microsite.

The quality portfolio contains comprehensive product information (catalogue and journal), while the front page features a 6-page "camera folder" in original size.

The folder features a user report, which authentically describes the advantages of the Galaxy NX from the perspective of the target group. The camera is displayed in its original size on the front and back.

To address the heterogeneous target groups individually, different letter versions were developed.

Every letter contains a personalized invitation card in bank card format with a personal promotional code.

Direct mail for market launch of large-format displays
Conception and realization of direct mail

To increase the awareness of the Samsung ME95C LED and the Samsung UD55D LED, Ruschke und Partner developed direct mail for the launch of the two Large Format Displays (LFD).

The task was to develop a strong idea that constituted a conceptual framework for the two different products.

The mail consisted of a 4-page folder containing a customized, target-group-specific letter adjacent to two product data sheets, whose key visuals were also created by Ruschke und Partner.

To generate attention, the mail was sent in an envelope with an XXL panoramic window, in which the campaign key visual was presented.

The recipient was given the opportunity to order free additional product information and/or to be contacted by phone with personal advice from an LFD expert by means of a promotional card that was integrated into the folder.

Porsche Middle East & Africa
Dialogue programme for the launch of the new Porsche 911 Carrera
Concept for a cross-media dialogue programme. Objective: Making contact with potential customers, participation in the launch event and ongoing follow-up dialogue

Ruschke and Partner developed a cross-media dialogue campaign for the launch of the new Porsche 911 Carrera. The target group consisted of potential and existing customers in the Middle East. The campaign involved the use of personalised URLs.

The multi-stage campaign for the launch (including offline and online invitations and follow-up) produced a high response rate and level of attendance at the event.

Customer loyalty was increased by personalising the microsite and using a pre-event trailer to generate a strong emotional appeal.
Standardised messages with country-specific content guarantee a uniform image.

Online registration and automated dispatch from ticket download links via text message and e-mail. Every participant was registered directly during the events using personal QR codes.

Personalised follow-up dialogue initiated by means of an e-mail/text message with a link to the post-event microsite, an exclusive post-event trailer and a direct opportunity to book a test drive.

The campaign included a customer database to allow each dealer to take follow-up measures and to generate regional sales. Ruschke and Partner were responsible for implementing the entire campaign.

launch of the Porsche 911 Carrera (facelift)
conceptual design and production of an integrated mailing; goal: to gain customers and provide information to interested parties / participation in dealer events

The new 911 Carrera features Porsche genes, the classic 911 look and a number of product innovations beneath the surface. The campaign’s motto „To the core.“ was derived from these features.

The „To the core.“ claim – the 911’s path to inner strength and tranquility – is reflected in both the mailing and event concepts (event: the highlights of the new 911 are emotionally orchestrated in a 9m x 9m x 9m large cube).

Through the sovereign, almost mystical tonality and the „cube“ mailing element which interactively conveys the product’s different highlights, the target group’s interest in the new 911 / the event is aroused.

For cost effectiveness, one version of the mailing was produced. Only the actual invitation cards were customized for each dealer’s event. Both the participation in the dealer events and the sales figures were highly successful.

Customized mail
Conception and realization of customized direct mail campaigns

Ruschke und Partner has been responsible for the realization of comprehensive DELL mail and CRM campaigns for 14 years. Ruschke und Partner has also conceived customized mail campaigns for selected test markets.

The task was to develop and realize target-group-specific mail formats (e.g. self-mailers, catalogues and mail in envelopes). Target-group-specific finishing techniques increase the visual impact.

When it comes to implementation, Ruschke und Partner assumes the entire print and fulfilment management, including postage optimization and distribution conception for all target markets throughout Europe.

Ruschke und Partner campaign management: consulting, conception, production, postage optimization, data preparation and fulfilment. Standardized processes ensure cost-effective, high-quality, punctual mail campaigns throughout Europe.

German Red Cross (DRK)
Direct mailing: DRK emergency home call service
Conception and realization of a campaign to attract new customers

Ruschke und Partner was commissioned by the German Red Cross (DRK) to develop a communication strategy for the acquisition of new customers for the DRK home emergency call service.

In order to achieve the objectives while taking into account the budget targets, Ruschke und Partner developed an efficient direct marketing solution: partially addressed self-mailers for a service known as POSTWURFSPEZIAL.

A total of 10 district associations in the German federal state of Hesse took part in the campaign. This meant that various elements (e.g. the sender and the price information on the inside and outside) were individualized.

In the pocket on the lower part of the self-mailer is a card with 4 detachable vouchers, which the recipient can give to family, friends and neighbours. This increases the potential by a factor of 4.

The recipient can use the code printed on the voucher to get the first month of the home emergency call service free and save the one-off connection charge upon conclusion of a contract.

Direct mailing: Server migration
Conception and realization of a DM campaign

Microsoft support for Windows Server 2003 stops at the end of July 2015. This means that companies will be faced with various challenges, particularly in terms of IT security and cost.

As a long-standing partner of Microsoft, Dell offers its customers support for migrating to the new generation of Windows servers. The purpose of the mailing is to generate awareness and increase the number of registrations on the integrated microsite.

To do this Ruschke und Partner conceived a mailing that also acts as a door-opener for the telephone follow-up.

The core element of the mailing concept is a state-of-the-art activity tracker, which, together with a personalized letter and a 6-page folder, ensures high awareness among the target group.

The mailing was implemented in 8 different versions for 8 different countries. Ruschke und Partner was responsible for conception, localization, production and distribution.

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